Why Consumers Love Video

Adam Karmi - 27/09/2016

“I love leaving open-ended text responses.” - said no customer, ever.

You see, the problem with leaving this type of feedback is that it lacks so many elements of what customers seek. They need to feel and believe their feedback will make a difference - otherwise, why bother at all?

Think back to the last time you left an open-ended text response. How much of what you thought, did you actually write down? Did you feel you were able to portray your emotion effectively? And finally, did you really feel like your voice was going to be heard?

If the answer is no, then you're probably like the millions of consumers posed with these questions daily. But the end is not nigh for open ended questions...

“The open-ended text response isn't dead; it just needs reimagining” - Dave Carruthers

Now we all know what researchers and brands want when it comes to feedback. But what about the all-important consumers on the other end?

We believe it’s video, but why listen to us when you can hear it straight from the horse's mouth?
(*NB - respondents are not horses)

We asked consumers why they love video? And here are their responses, via video of course.

Consumers believe that leaving a text response just isn’t enough. For them, it's an inconvenient method that lacks the necessary element of emotion. And when it comes to research, emotion drives action. Consumers are savvier to that notion than we think.

There’s something about leaving an open-ended video response that excites customers. Whether it’s the quick and easy process of giving feedback or the result of their opinion being heard and making a difference, all we know is video open-ends are gaining popularity with respondents around the world.

Now you know consumers love the power of video, dig deeper and see how you could benefit from video open-ends. Download our free eBook: The ultimate guide to video open-ends available below.

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