What does it take to reach critical mass in market research?

Ben O'Hanlon - 27/09/2017
Sometimes it feels like the rate of innovation and change in the market research space is random and chaotic. It seems like only a minute ago that we were listening to the sound of modem dial-up as we shifted our research online, now everyone has 4G devices with HD cameras - making them more accessible than ever before. Information used to be scarce, and now it’s easily shared; in fact, there is a deluge of data, and it’s completely changed the research landscape and the tools we use. In this blog post, we consider how these innovations reach critical mass and what happens after they do...

Why Emotion Drives Action...

Dave Carruthers - 14/03/2016

At Voxpopme we are passionate about video and the benefits that can be reaped through its application within market research and customer feedback. We have dedicated the last 3 years to optimising and automating the insight that can be gained through video as a medium.

Why video is about to cross the chasm for research…

Tom Higgins - 15/06/2015

Originally posted as a guest blog by Dave Carruthers on Green-Book.org.

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