Primark's profits soar, discover what they are doing right.

Niamh Jones - 18/08/2014

As Primark's profits surge and they become an essential shop for any high street, we surveyed our panel of UK consumers to see why Primark are doing so well.

From our initial NPS analysis (find out more about Net Promoter Score - NPS), it seems Primark have scored just below average. Hear from our panel of UK consumers what is making Primark successful, although they appear to be performing sub-par in the eyes of the consumer.


Mascara Mayhem

Rebecca - 11/07/2014

We asked our female panel members to show us how they apply their mascara. We wanted to see the behaviour trends that occur when people apply mascara, for example how many of the panel applied mascara to both the top and bottom lashes and how many layers of mascara did they apply?

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