How to save time and double the impact of your qualitative research

Tom Higgins - 15/06/2018

Market researchers are under more pressure than ever. Pressure to deliver more strategic insights than ever before, faster than ever before, and making budgets go further without compromising quality. In fact, in today’s time-pushed, results-orientated world, speed and impact are two of the most important factors to consider when it comes to conducting research - and unfortunately, more traditional methods just aren’t up to the challenge. Sound familiar? Don’t fret - that’s where video market research comes in.

How to do qualitative video market research without the fuss

Tom Higgins - 18/05/2018

Did you know that more than 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute? Or that a staggering 10 billion videos are watched and shared on Snapchat each and every day?

Video touches all aspects of our lives, and as apps like Instagram Stories hit 300 million daily active users, people are becoming more and more confident communicating via video - which means that the use of video will continue to grow in popularity.

Why Emotion Drives Action...

Dave Carruthers - 14/03/2016

At Voxpopme we are passionate about video and the benefits that can be reaped through its application within market research and customer feedback. We have dedicated the last 3 years to optimising and automating the insight that can be gained through video as a medium.

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