Cameron's Reshuffle; The Public Opinion

Niamh Jones - 16/07/2014

David Cameron's cabinet reshuffle was described as his 'boldest-ever reshuffle'. The reshuffle has made more room for promotions amongst the female members of the cabinet.

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European Election Results: The Public Opinion

Niamh Jones - 26/05/2014

As Nigel Farage celebrates his European victory, we asked our panel what they thought of the election results, and whether they were happy to see UKIP taking the highest number of seats representing the UK.

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EU Elections 2014: The Public Consensus

Niamh Jones - 22/05/2014

As polling stations open this morning for local and European elections, we asked the UK public who they would like to see take the majority of the 73 seats representing UK and which party they would not. Unsurprisingly UKip have been causing a stir amongst our panel, with strong views either side.

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The UK mixed on whether to remain a 'Christian country'.

Niamh Jones - 28/04/2014

David Cameron described the UK as a 'Christian country', although it appears that his right-hand man Nick Clegg holds an opposing opinion - as he feels the state and Church should eventually stand separately. A controversial topic, do we still perceive ourselves as a Christian country?

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Nigel Farrage vs Nick Clegg LBC Debate

voxpopme - 27/03/2014

After last night's LBC debate, our panel had mixed views on which party leader came out on top, although UKIP's leader Nigel Farage seemed to just out do Nick Clegg - with 47% of our panel backing the UKIP leader, in comparison to 26% behind Nick Clegg. Although a number of our panel felt that the debate didn't really solve anything when it came down to Britain's EU membership, commenting that it was more of a popularity contest.



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Bingo! The Conservative PR campaign that stirred emotions.

Niamh Jones - 25/03/2014

Although there was a considerable number of changes to come out of this year's budget, it seemed the Conservative party were very fixed on which ones they wanted to advertise - however their focus on bingo and beer has gone down similarly to a lead balloon, not only to our panel - as 84% commented negatively towards the advert - but it seems to have created a national stir.

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The Budget 2014: Your Reaction

Niamh Jones - 25/03/2014

When it comes to the annual budget, let's face it, the Chancellor is never going to please everyone - it's a hard job to decide where to invest money and where to cut back.

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Should the UK remain part of the European Union?

Niamh Jones - 18/03/2014

We asked our panel of UK consumers whether they felt it would be more beneficial for the UK to remain as part of the EU or leave. Although almost 66% felt that the UK should remain part of the EU, a relatively high percentage of 34% wanted to leave the EU.

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What's your opinion on the escalating situation in Ukraine?

Niamh Jones - 04/03/2014

We asked our panel of UK consumers what they thought of the current situation in Ukraine, whether they thought it would escalate to war, and what they thought the appropriate response from the West should be.




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Has David Cameron done a good job as Prime Minister?

Niamh Jones - 28/01/2014

We asked our panel of UK consumers whether they thought David Cameron has done a good job as Prime Minister, and unsurprisingly we had a number of mixed opinions. Although on the whole, 52% agreed that David Cameron has done a good job...

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