Why video is about to cross the chasm for research…

Tom Higgins - 15/06/2015

Originally posted as a guest blog by Dave Carruthers on Green-Book.org.

Video - the future of customer feedback?

Tom Higgins - 19/05/2015

How can companies use video feedback from customers in an effective way? And what are the benefits, and the challenges, of video feedback?

These were a couple of the key questions discussed at the VoxPopMe roundtable, hosted at CXEdge 2015, the leading UK Customer Experience event. We discussed the use of video within a customer feedback environment and the many benefits it delivers as a medium.

The Green Party take to the spotlight in political broadcast

Isobel Doster - 16/04/2015

Last week the Green Party literally threw themselves into the spotlight with the release of their party political broadcast for the general election. It begins in the traditional fashion with a spokeswoman for the party stating that the Green Party are a complete alternative to the mainstream political parties in England, Wales and Scotland. Her rhetoric suggests that the disparity between Left and Right Wing politics is increasingly unclear, as well implying with subtle aggression that the leaders of the mainstream political parties form alliances purely to secure their own power. Yet, to fully illustrate this notion a gushing 'boy band' sweep across the screen, belting a spoof pop song with the lyrics 'we're all the same'. The 'band' is a jibe at the Green Party's opponents, as the band members explicitly resemble David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage (even down to the colours of their shiny ties). The broadcast ends as it begins with the spokeswoman soberly emphasising some of the central points of the Green Party manifesto, reminding electorates to 'vote Green, for the common good'.

The Chancellor's 2015 Budget

Rebecca - 23/03/2015

On Wednesday the Chancellor announced the latest budget. The changes included help to buy ISAs for first time house buyers, money taken off alcohol tax and a 5 year petrol price freeze. We wanted to know our panel's opinion on the latest proposals and how these changes would affect them day to day.

Has the Samsung Galaxy S6 got the 'Edge' over competitors?

Isobel Doster - 20/03/2015

When Samsung unveiled the designs for the latest model of their flagship mobile phone, the Galaxy s6, ahead of the Mobile World Congress they wowed audiences of technical experts. As Apple have done previously, there will be two versions of newest Galaxy model. In terms of software the phones will be virtually identical, but the emphatically named Galaxy S6 Edge features a curved screen whilst its more affordable counterpart has a traditional flat screen. Both phones boast a 64-bit processor, wireless charging technology and a five megapixel front-facing camera. Moreover, Samsung have finally abandoned the plastic materials they have always used for their phones in favour of Aluminium and Glass.Yet, these new features have come at a cost. The Samsung S6 and S6 Edge are no longer water-resistant and the backs cannot be removed, meaning users cannot replace the battery or insert a SD card should they want extra storage.

VoxPopMe to attend Market Research in the Mobile World in Singapore

Isobel Doster - 13/02/2015

The Market Research in the Mobile World Asia Pacific conference in Singapore this year will be running from 10th March to 12th March, attracting over 3000 visitors connected with the industry of mobile market research.

VoxPopMe as a viable alternative to focus groups

Niamh Jones - 07/01/2015

Thinking of conducting focus groups? Why not try the new, cutting-edge way to listen to consumers – video research.

The Interview UK release date confirmed

Niamh Jones - 07/01/2015

The controversial release of The Interview saw totalling sales of $31million through video on-demand services alone, and a further $5million through box office sales, the film sets sight for British cinemas in February.

Was the MH17 crash media coverage appropriate?

Rebecca - 23/07/2014

We asked our panel members what they thought about the news coverage of the tragic MH17 crash. Earlier this week Ofcom received 110 complaints about a Sky News journalist reporting at the scene of the crash, rummaging through the crash victims personal belongs. This seemed to bring to light the fine line between keeping people informed, whilst staying respectful to the deceased and their families.

Why Should You Choose Mobile Over Online Surveys?

Niamh Jones - 17/06/2014

“Mobile respondents were not only more likely to initially respond to the survey invitation, but also provide high quality data”.

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