VoxPopMe - Business Development Exec's needed

Tom Williams - 12/12/2014

We are coming to the end of an incredible year at VoxPopMe. We have worked with many of the UK's biggest brands, including: McDonalds, British Gas and BBC. We have also built exciting relationships with top agencies like ICM, McCann, Populus, TNS and Millward Brown, on top of which we have opened new offices in Singapore and North America.

Nectar Card Users

Isobel Doster - 12/12/2014

The Nectar Card gives shoppers the opportunity to collect loyalty points each time they spend money on products by many of the UK's biggest organisations, including Sainsburys, BT, Easy Jet and many money. They can use these points to receive huge discounts. We wanted to find out how often customers used their Nectar Card, what people spent their Nectar points on and whether Nectar points influenced where people shopped. The results are as follows:

How would you describe your relationship with your energy provider?

Isobel Doster - 05/12/2014

In order to create effective strategies that enable energy suppliers to form stronger relationships with their customers, it is important to assess the different factors that constitute a positive provider/ customer relationship. To illustrate these factors from a costumer perspective, we asked a panel of 50 property owners to describe their relationship with their current energy provider.

Sainsbury's Initiatives

Rebecca - 17/10/2014

We asked Sainsbury's shoppers if they had noticed any differences when shopping in store lately. Had they noticed any differences in prices, promotions and the way in which offers are being communicated? Which of the shoppers had noticed the removal of Tesco from Sainsbury's brand match and what was their opinion on this? Did any of these differences influence how much the shoppers spent in the store?

Smart meter question

Tom Williams - 29/09/2014

Smart meter question

Waitrose - Lidl Campaign

Rebecca - 23/09/2014

Lidl have launched a marketing campaign involving social media, with their customers giving opinions on the brand which then appear in advertisements in and out of stores. We asked our Waitrose panel to voice their opinions on this use of social media in Lidl's marketing campaign and if they had seen any of the Lidl surprises campaigns themselves. We also wanted to hear their opinions on the latest advert from the Lidl brand.

Waitrose - M&S Campaign

Rebecca - 23/09/2014

We asked our panel to voice their opinion on the new advert from Marks & Spencer's. We wanted to find out what they thought of the advert and what products in particular stood out for them. Did the advert influence our panel members to visit the store in the search for certain products? We were also interested to see if any of the panel members had been into an M&S store recently and have noticed the new products and promotions.

Right Move

Niamh Jones - 05/09/2014

Campaign Summary Rightmove

The British Gas Rewards Journey

Rebecca - 29/08/2014

What do you understand of the Audi Quattro?

Rebecca - 22/08/2014

We asked our panel what they knew, if anything about the Audi Quattro. We wanted to find out from Sky and non-Sky customers if they had heard or seen anything about the Audi Quattro recently and what their general impression and understanding was of the car.

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