Three reasons why the customer experience is broken and how it can be fixed

camilo.martinez - 04/12/2015

Caring about customer experience (CX) benefits your customers and creates business success. Simply put, customers are, in part, what enables you to achieve your business goals.

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7 TED Talks Every Market Researcher Needs To Watch

Niamh Jones - 03/12/2015

We’ve drawn up a list of 7 fantastic TED Talks that every market researcher should watch at least once! From industry professionals, to experienced marketers, and even a physician.
Discover tools, tricks and essential info to truly understand your consumers and be successful in the market research industry.

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Supercharge your pitch with Voxpopme

Tom Higgins - 02/10/2015

Voxpopme supercharge surveys with video questions for a deeper understanding and greater impact. However, whilst at ESOMAR Congress 2015, we decided to put our technology to good use on the show floor. We did this by asking exhibitors at the Market Research event to deliver their one minute elevator pitch. We collected the great responses below and there were even a few plugs for ESOMAR too. We'd like to say a big thanks to everyone that took part...

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Voxpopme is hiring – PHP Developer needed

Tom Higgins - 07/09/2015

Location: ​Birmingham
Job Type: ​Permanent, full­ time
Salary​: £32,000 - ­£36,000

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Voxpopme is hiring - Business Development Exec needed

Tom Higgins - 04/09/2015

Voxpopme is set to continue its rapid expansion with the addition of a Bus Dev Exec to the UK team. The new position is set to build upon our rapid expansion in the market research and customer feedback space after a number of other recent new hires in the UK and North America.

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The Chief Customer Officer

Tom Higgins - 14/07/2015

The vital internal voice of the customer

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VoxPopMe Launches “Theme Explorer”; Revolutionises Video Response Technology for Market Research

Tom Higgins - 16/06/2015

New tool allows researchers to organise and analyse video response content quickly and effectively

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Why video is about to cross the chasm for research…

Tom Higgins - 15/06/2015

Originally posted as a guest blog by Dave Carruthers on

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VoxPopMe is hiring – US Business Development Exec needed

Rebecca - 18/05/2015

Location: Raleigh-Durham, NC

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Brand Review: Nissan

Isobel Doster - 14/04/2015

Since their alliance with Renault in 2013, the Nissan Motor Company have been named the fourth biggest automaker in the world. However, we wanted to find out whether the public thought that Nissan were worthy of their international status. Thus, we asked a panel of UK consumers to talk about their perception of the brand in the market. We also asked them to explain any first-hand experiences they had of Nissan vehicles.

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