Has the Samsung Galaxy S6 got the 'Edge' over competitors?

Isobel Doster - 20/03/2015

When Samsung unveiled the designs for the latest model of their flagship mobile phone, the Galaxy s6, ahead of the Mobile World Congress they wowed audiences of technical experts. As Apple have done previously, there will be two versions of newest Galaxy model. In terms of software the phones will be virtually identical, but the emphatically named Galaxy S6 Edge features a curved screen whilst its more affordable counterpart has a traditional flat screen. Both phones boast a 64-bit processor, wireless charging technology and a five megapixel front-facing camera. Moreover, Samsung have finally abandoned the plastic materials they have always used for their phones in favour of Aluminium and Glass.Yet, these new features have come at a cost. The Samsung S6 and S6 Edge are no longer water-resistant and the backs cannot be removed, meaning users cannot replace the battery or insert a SD card should they want extra storage.

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The Apple Watch

Rebecca - 17/03/2015

The Apple Watch is soon to arrive in the UK, with Apple revealing a release date and pricing system last week. The watch will be available to buy in the UK on 24th April with prices starting at £299 for the basic model and increasing to £13,500 for the top of the range Gold model.

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Brand Review: Peugeot

Isobel Doster - 06/03/2015

Peugeot are one of the most popular and globally successful French car manufacturers. Boasting a wide range of models, Peugeot sell cars that can suit a diverse number of drivers. Certainly, the Peugeot brand is recognised by most consumers in the UK, but just how do the public view the vehicles and products that have to offer? To find out we asked our panel of UK consumers to record 15 - 60 second videos telling us their opinion of the brand and whether they would actually consider purchasing a Peugeot vehicle as, after all, it is sales that truly drive business.

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Coca-Cola Milk - Fairlife

Rebecca - 02/03/2015

Coca-Cola have released their own brand of milk. The new Fairlife milk will cost more than twice as much as regular milk – but the company reckons consumers will pay more for it as it will contain 50% more protein and half the sugar of normal milk.

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Thoughts on the speculated Apple iCar

Rebecca - 24/02/2015

Speculation that computing giant Apple is to start building cars has been one of this week’s biggest tech stories. We wanted to know our panels thoughts on a possible iCar. Would any of our panel members be interested in buying it what did they think it would be and look like?

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Holiday Showdown

Rebecca - 23/02/2015

With so many websites and travel companies offering great deals on holiday we wanted to know which companies our panel members enlisted to help them book the perfect getaway.

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Amazon Echo

Rebecca - 17/02/2015

Amazon Echo is a mysterious looking black cylinder which you can place in your home. It's able to answer questions and provide information immediately. Echo is controlled by your voice and can even hear you from across the room. We showed our panel the amazon Echo advertisement and then wanted to get their feedback on this new bit of technology.

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Brand Review: NTUC Fairprice Supermarkets

Isobel Doster - 13/02/2015

The first NTUC Fairprice Supermarket opened in 1973 as part of the labour movement's effort to moderate the cost of living in Singapore. There are now a total of 120 outlets in the country, made up of FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Xtra. However, supermarkets such as Cold Storage and Giant now offer extremely competitive prices. We wanted to gauge how NTUC Fairprice Supermarkets were seen by consumers and assess how they stood up against their competitors. By using advanced video app and text analysis software, we were able to capture and process the opinions of many consumers in just 60 seconds

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Brand Review: Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Isobel Doster - 13/02/2015

As one of the most well-known hotel groups in the world, Hilton boasts a staggering 540 hotels & resorts in 78 countries. In fact, there are few cities in the UK where the glittering Hilton sign is not seen along the skyline. The company claims to be a global leader in the hospitality industry and promises guests a luxurious experience. We put this claim to the test and asked our panel to record short videos describing their experience and general opinion of Hilton hotels.

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Brand Review: Andrex

Rebecca - 05/02/2015

We asked our panel what they thought about the toilet paper brand Andrex, and if they liked their advertising and marketing campaigns. Most felt positively about the brand and decided that it was one of the most luxurious toilet paper brands. However this quality comes at a cost with many of the panel commenting that Andrex is expensive and that they would only purchase it on offer in a shop.

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