Is Product Placement an effective form of advertising?

Isobel Doster - 02/12/2014

Mondelez UK came under fire from the BBC and the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) last week after they commissioned five YouTube vloggers to take part in an 'Oreo Lick Race'. The videos, which were produced and released by the vloggers on their own YouTube channels, were not explicitly marked as marketing communications. According to journalists and the ASA, this failure meant that viewers were unaware they were watching promotional content. The videos were banned from appearing on the platform in their current state and Mondelez were instructed to ensure all future videos they commissioned were clearly identified as advertisements.

Is HSBC 'The World's Local Bank'?

Isobel Doster - 26/11/2014

HSBC prides itself on being 'The World's Local Bank', but does this mean that the general public consider it as one of the major players in the UK banking market?

What do you think about your shopping experience at Asda?

Isobel Doster - 12/11/2014

After surveying a panel of 100 UK Asda customers, asking ‘what do you think about your shopping experience at Asda?’, we were able to identify the key factors that influence a consumer’s experience and their consequent opinion of Asda Supermarkets. Our research revealed that customers’ rated their overall experience as follows:

Health and Fitness Apps

Rebecca - 09/10/2014

We wanted to find out what apps our panel use to keep fit and healthy. There were two clear winners when it came to lifestyle/fitness apps that our panel liked to use. These were the apps MyFitnessPal and Nike+ app with 'Map My Run' coming in closely behind.

Virgin Atlantic

Rebecca - 19/09/2014

We asked our panels members who have flown with Virgin Atlantic to tell us about their experience with the airline. The majority of the panel had a positive experience with the airline with some panel members finding it hard to find anything to critique the airline on.

The Royal Mail

Rebecca - 16/09/2014

We asked our panel to shed light on their feelings towards Royal Mail. It was particularly interesting to hear their thoughts on its recent privatisation.

John Lewis

Rebecca - 15/09/2014

We asked our panel to tell us about their opinion and experiences with the John Lewis brand.

The Apple Watch

Rebecca - 10/09/2014

Apple have announced their latest product, the Apple watch. The watch will be able to help monitor health and fitness with its built in heart rate monitor. It will also help you to stay connected with the ability to send and receive messages.

The Boots Brand

Rebecca - 10/09/2014

We asked our panel about their thoughts on the Boots Brand. We wanted to know what appealed to them about the brand and what they thought they could improve on. Boots came off very well with most of the panel speaking very positively about the brand. Many of the panel had shopped there for many years and were loyal customers. "It's a tried and tested brand that I have used for many years." Our panel liked the wide range of good quality products on offer in the stores "They stock everything you need". They also liked their advantage card which offers customers a very competitive reward scheme. Many commented on the advantage card and that they were impressed with how many points they could collect on certain items.

How to: handle your customers online.

Niamh Jones - 19/08/2014

Two-way conversation has never been easier between companies and consumers; as social media, smartphones, and tablets become an essential part to our daily living, it has certainly never been simpler for a brand to engage with a consumer.

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