The Volkswagen Scandal: The Voice of the Customer

Tom Higgins - 02/10/2015

Video market research enables an in-depth understanding of consumer opinion and experience. We recently ran a video research study with our customer communities in the UK and US, discovering their opinion on the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

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Computer brands - which do you own?

Rebecca - 04/08/2015

Voxpopme provides data visualisation of quantitative research. Brand trackers, Net Promoter Scores and CSAT surveys can now be brought to life through the use of video. We recently conducted a video market research study with our customer community discovering their opinion on different computer brands available in the market.

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Apple Music

Rebecca - 18/06/2015

Apple have announced their latest venture, Apple music. This service is set to rival other music streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal offering the same sort of features including access to a library of music which can be streamed and downloaded to listen to when offline. We wanted to know if our panel members would be giving Apple music a go when they launch their 3 month free trail of the service in their next update. We also wanted to know if people would be prepared to leave behind their trusted Spotify and jump ship to Apple music where they would be paying around £10.00 per month for the full service.

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Brand Review: Wiggle

Rebecca - 10/06/2015

Wiggle is a discounted online sports retailer specialising in clothes and equipment for runners and cyclists. We wanted to find out who in the VoxPopMe community had used Wiggle and what their experience had been like with them.

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Brand Review: Yelp

Rebecca - 10/06/2015

We wanted to find out how our US panel felt about, the website that lets you leave and read reviews about local places and attractions. The most popular reason for our panel using Yelp was to look up local restaurants. People felt that Yelp helped them to see the location of restaurants and the prices of their food resulting in them making a more informed decision about if they wished to visit.

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Google's New Photo App

camilo.martinez - 08/06/2015

Last Thursday Google announced the launching of their new Photos app. This app offers users all around the world an unlimited storage on the Cloud for photos and videos. Some of the more attractive aspects of this revolutionary app are the high resolution and zero-charge.

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Aldi vs Tesco - The Supermarket War

Rebecca - 01/06/2015

It was announced last week that Aldi has overtaken Tesco in BrandZ top 100 global brand value ranking. We asked our community why they felt Aldi are doing so well in the UK and if they shopped there themselves.

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Brand Review: Argos

Rebecca - 29/05/2015

We wanted to gain insight into our Argos shoppers. What do they think the brand does well and where do they think they could improve? Did they prefer to shop in-store or online?

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The New Zero Calorie Red Bull

Rebecca - 18/05/2015

Red Bull have released a zero calorie version of their original energy drink with promises to give you wings but without the calories. Recently the new drink launched in the US so we wanted to find out if our US VoxPopMe community would be purchasing this new zero calorie energy drink. Did consumers think this new product would give them the same boost as the original Red Bull, how would if affect the flavor and would they be interested in swapping to this lower calorie option?

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The Usurper: The NEW Cadbury's Creme Egg

Isobel Doster - 02/04/2015

With Easter weekend within grasping distance, the world famous Cadbury's Creme Egg has made its anticipated return to the shelves. Yet, the chocolate egg was met with tears instead of joy this year, as experts reveal the ingredients and size of the egg have been altered to mirror the American counterpart. Chocaholics from around the UK have united to protest, petition and plead for the return of the ORIGINAL egg.

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