Kenco: Coffee Vs Gangs

Niamh Jones - 26/08/2014

We asked our panel of UK consumers their opinion on latest advert from Kenco, ‘Coffee Vs Gangs’, although powerful, the advert did receive mixed reviews.

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What makes a great TV ad for Alcohol brands?

Rebecca - 21/07/2014

We asked our panel members what they think makes a great TV advert for Alcohol Brands. We also wanted to know which alcohol adverts are the most memorable and spring to mind when thinking about alcohol brands.

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The New Face Of Cravendale: Barry the Biscuit Boy

Niamh Jones - 27/06/2014

You'll lose your head over Cravendale, but have our panel lost their head over the latest advert from Cravendale?

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Say Yes to Yes with Coors Light

Niamh Jones - 03/06/2014

The latest advert from Coors Light beer appears to have gone down well with UK consumers, with many embracing the change from Jean-claude van Damme on their screens.

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What UK consumers think of the Innocent brand

Niamh Jones - 09/05/2014

The current UK consumer opinion of the Innocent brand was on the whole positive; from a recent campaign conducted by VoxPopMe, when it came to Net Promoter Score analysis Innocent scored a just above average +6.79.

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Enjoy the Sunrise with Heineken

Niamh Jones - 01/04/2014

The statement 'Dance More Drink Slow' really resonated with our panel of UK consumers, as just over 87% commented positively towards the advert - many found it refreshing that an alcoholic drinks brand was promoting sensible drinks as opposed to idealising binge drinking. The advert was perceived as an advert that makes you want to go out and have a good night, but reinforces that you don't have to drink too much to have a good night in a relatively indirect way.

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McCafe - Putting On The Ritz

Niamh Jones - 11/03/2014

McDonald's continue to promote their ever lengthening coffee menu, but is their proposition of 'McCafe' positioning them as a competitor to big coffee chain brands like your Starbucks and Costa Coffee?

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#BeMoreTea with Lipton and The Muppets!

Niamh Jones - 04/03/2014

Lipton tea has teamed up with The Muppets to create their latest advert, portraying the story of a busy New York City day, with 76% of our panel enjoying the advert it seems to be quite a successful partnership! The majority of our panel enjoyed the use of The Muppets, commenting on the mass appeal of The Muppets for all ages. The advert was described by one of our panel members as "the best advert Lipton have ever made".


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The New Advert from Guinness - Sapeurs

Niamh Jones - 18/02/2014

Another spectacular advert from Guinness, that tells yet another engaging story, that are always visually so strong without pushing their product. 76% commented that they liked the advert, finding the advert fitting and inspirational - that Guinness is emphasising the fact that their brand is for everyone, inclusive and multinational. Mardon from Tashkent said 'this advert perfectly fits the Guinness brand', with a number of the panel agreeing that this is another great classic Guinness brand, that is well thought out and memorable.

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Budweiser Super Bowl Advert - "Puppy Love"

Niamh Jones - 11/02/2014

We asked our panel of UK consumers to view Budweiser's Super Bowl advert 'Best Buds', the story of two unlikely friends - a dog and a horse. It seems that although the advert was relatively confusing and disjointed, many of our panel enjoyed the story.



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