What does #LikeAGirl mean to you?

Niamh Jones - 08/07/2014

"I got told the other day that I wasn't like other girls... That that was a compliment that I wasn't like other girls. But why should being a girl be a bad thing?" - Esther, 18, London

Gillette - 100 Years of Hair

Rebecca - 07/07/2014

Gillette is celebrating 100 Years of being at the forefront of male grooming with their latest advert. Gillette demonstrates how their razors have evolved over the years to keep up with the latest shaving trends.

Go Ahead! The Most Important Snack of the Day.

Niamh Jones - 03/07/2014

Go Ahead! and treat yourself to the advertised 'most important snack of the day'. Go Ahead! have packed in snack enlightenment in place of this latest short, snappy and colourful advert. This advert definitely succeeds in giving you a taste of the energy burst their fruity biscuity snack provides.

The New Face Of Cravendale: Barry the Biscuit Boy

Niamh Jones - 27/06/2014

You'll lose your head over Cravendale, but have our panel lost their head over the latest advert from Cravendale?

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