Two simple ways to go beyond scores and maximise the impact of your CX

Tom Higgins - 19/09/2018

If you’re a customer experience (CX) practitioner, you’re well aware that CX is a super broad, catch-all term for a variety of solutions and interactions that shape the perceptions our customers have of our brands. Stellar CX performance is dependent on the combined delivery of exceptional products, services and interactions. Failing that, as a minimum, we should be responding swiftly and appropriately to negative experiences and turning them on their heads.

As a result, a large portion of the modern CCO or VP of CX’s time is dedicated to collecting and interpreting feedback from thousands of customers. Modern enterprises use everything from survey-based solutions and social listening to text or voice analytics and user experience research to try and understand what drives customer behaviour and decisions.

Yet, understanding which areas of our businesses excel or undermine our customer experiences can feel like a daunting task - even with the abundance of tools at our disposal. Why? Because, to-date, our understanding has been based solely on aggregated scores - not genuine stories.

So how can you really get to grips with what your customers are thinking and understand the why behind their actions? Is there another way besides standard customer experience surveys that can allow you to unlock deeper insights? This blog explores two possible ways you can go beyond the scores and really bring your CX to life to ensure you are making truly customer-centric decisions. Read on to find out more…

3 ways video can humanise your research

Tom Higgins - 24/08/2018

Sometimes, the research we do isn’t always the research we need. In today’s modern, data-filled world, we’re all suffering from some form of information overload. On average we receive fives times more information than we did in 1986. And senior executives in every business have to juggle data from a plethora of sources and departments every single day. 

Differentiate or die: how video open-ends will revolutionise your surveys

Tom Higgins - 24/07/2018

If you want to understand what someone is thinking, feeling or doing, chances are you’ll ask them a question. How are you? What do you think of this? Why did you do that? Expressing how we feel and our likes and dislikes is human nature; we do it every day in conversation and increasingly share it everyday on social media. And when it comes to market research, the how and why questions give us the answers we need to get to the bottom of what people truly think. 

Open-ended questions are an essential way to uncover hidden truths that closed questions just can’t - which is why they are such an important part of market research. This perhaps explains why they’ve been ever-present in the online, self-completed data collection techniques that have ruled the market research roost for the past 15 years. Why? Because, in theory, the ‘open’ question allows consumers to share true feelings and in-depth insights outside the constraints of an NPS score or brand opinion rating while fitting in with the scalable nature of online surveys.

Sounds great, right? But unfortunately, something about the open text box just isn’t, well, ticking the boxes. Which is why more and more market researchers are turning to video market research and video open-ends to revolutionise their surveys…

How does sentiment analysis help my video research?

Tom Higgins - 23/07/2018

How does automated sentiment analysis help my video research?

Video is by far the most powerful way to gather human feedback and see how your customers really feel about your brand, products and services. However, video market research has had a bit of a bad reputation over the years, with many researchers being reluctant to use it because they see video as cumbersome to record and even more complicated to analyse.

But with today’s end-to-end video research tools, there’s no need to spend hours searching for answers or carefully noting down time-codes, consistent topics and annotations by hand. Instead, advanced, automated analytics such as theme and sentiment coding are empowering researchers, allowing them to quickly understand shared sentiments and consistent themes across hundreds of videos, or hours of content, at a time.

What does that mean for you? That you can access the depth of information delivered by video and use it to make informed, customer-centric decisions faster than ever before.

Sound good? Read on to find out more…

How to save time and double the impact of your qualitative research

Tom Higgins - 15/06/2018

Market researchers are under more pressure than ever. Pressure to deliver more strategic insights than ever before, faster than ever before, and making budgets go further without compromising quality. In fact, in today’s time-pushed, results-orientated world, speed and impact are two of the most important factors to consider when it comes to conducting research - and unfortunately, more traditional methods just aren’t up to the challenge. Sound familiar? Don’t fret - that’s where video market research comes in.

How do I get qual into my quant?

Tom Higgins - 15/06/2018

Dale Carnegie said that “when dealing with people you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” A sentiment we should not forget when it comes to collecting and sharing research that is supposed to influence the future direction of our products and services.

Voxpopme Strengthens Senior Team with the Promotion of Tom Williams to Chief Revenue Officer

Tom Higgins - 30/05/2018

Birmingham, UK [30 May 2018] -- Voxpopme, the video technology company that makes video research easy with its market-leading SaaS platform, has promoted Tom Williams to Chief Revenue Officer.

How to do qualitative video market research without the fuss

Tom Higgins - 18/05/2018

Did you know that more than 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute? Or that a staggering 10 billion videos are watched and shared on Snapchat each and every day?

Video touches all aspects of our lives, and as apps like Instagram Stories hit 300 million daily active users, people are becoming more and more confident communicating via video - which means that the use of video will continue to grow in popularity.

WTF do I do with all this video data?!

Tom Higgins - 18/05/2018

Video is the most powerful way for customers to provide real human feedback. It’s deep in meaning, rich in content and emotionally engaging - and today’s technology has made it easier than ever before for researchers to access this feedback in huge volumes.

Once you’ve captured your video data and got to know the people behind it you’ll have tons of complex thoughts, thousands of emotive messages and more real human stories than you can shake a stick at - but what on earth do you do with all this info once you’ve captured it? It can feel pretty overwhelming - but don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for…

Joint Partnership Press Release

Tom Higgins - 16/05/2018

Voxpopme Announces Four New Strategic Partnerships, Powering Industry Leading Technology Platforms with Agile Video Insight

Delvinia, Digsite, Invoke Solutions, and Protobrand now offer their clients seamless access to video feedback

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