Old Video Research vs New Video Research

Tom Higgins - 08/11/2016

As researchers, we're all aware of the unprecedented research opportunities video provides. We know it offers unrivalled access to the lives of consumers and unmatched impact when presented.

However, for far too long, video has been cumbersome and burdened with numerous barriers including costly recording, painstaking analysis and difficult dissemination. Fortunately, technology and video have collided to expand the possibilities of this influential tool.

To analyse this evolution, the infographic below pits old video and new video up against each other in the ultimate video showdown. Check it out to see how the two compare:


Old Video vs New Video-01.png

Artwork by Steavie Ward, Lead Creative @ Voxpopme

As you can see, the video research game is changing.

The question is, are you ready to explore the evolution?

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