Effective Market Research Skills You Can Learn Today

As researchers, we thrive on building a better understanding of people. Developing our knowledge and skills increases our ability to identify the underlying drivers and motivations behind consumer behaviour.

Thus, an enthusiasm to learn and develop as researchers is crucial to enhancing our understanding. It's also pivotal to the successful development of our careers and the research industry in general. That’s why the passion for learning is ingrained in our psychè, which will serve us well as we aim to ensure research keeps a prominent place at the top table in business.

The good news is that there’s no shortage of tools, technologies, theories, sciences and methodologies within research and the surrounding fields that we can study to help us understand people in new and exciting ways.

But, in this information rich world, how do we go about finding training that keeps our research skills on point?

Well, the latest GRIT Report highlighted that many of us in the industry want to be data visualisation champions, or storytelling gurus, complemented by entrepreneurial flair and consulting talent. We also desire a handle on the evolving landscape of market research as new technologies rapidly automate our industry.

So, the team at Voxpopme thought we'd take a look at the hottest places to expand our research horizons and build on some of these skills.

Do explore the many training options below and use the search features on the websites covered - there will be awesome courses that didn’t quite make our list.


edX is an online learning hub that offers a wealth of high-quality courses supported by the world’s leading universities. Take your pick of the broad topics on offer that could complement your research skill set. We particularly like the look of Behavioural Economics (University of Toronto) and The Fundamentals of Neuroscience (Harvard University).


Coursera is another university endorsed platform for learning. For as little as £22 you can be learning The Fundamentals of Data Science with John Hopkins University. Or, perhaps you want to complement your quant with some qual knowledge. Courses like the one on Qualitative Research Methods from the University of Amsterdam could be ideal for switching disciplines or building a hybrid approach to your research thinking.


Okay, this one is not strictly an online training provider. It's more of an aggregator for the excellent training available in our industry. The MrWeb training page lets you explore courses such as Consumer Psychology, Advanced Questionnaire Design, or even up your business acumen with industry-specific business development and entrepreneurial sessions.


Quirks, another media outlet in the research space, have their own listing of market research courses. Their market research degrees directory offers online and on-location degrees for those looking to bolster their research skills with more traditional ‘cap and gown’ style courses.


Udemy has a course for anything you can think of. Essentially, it's a peer-to-peer learning platform for picking up skills quickly, at a low cost. Many Udemy short courses cover useful topics such as An Intro to Storytelling or Data Visualization for High Impact Presentations. As it’s a peer-to-peer learning solution, be sure to check the reviews before you order a course.


GreenBook’s webinars offer a great take on the topics shaping the research industry. Even better news, they have a backlog of recordings you can dip into at any time. Some of the latest recordings include a training course in Google Consumer Surveys and a snapshot on How to Minimise Survey Fatigue from Confirmit.


Many of you will be familiar with the behemoth that is ESOMAR. But, perhaps you haven’t ventured as far as exploring their training provisions. ESOMAR, in their words, is dedicated to encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide. So, it is well worth taking some time to explore their website's vast resources. Pay particular attention to the myriad of global and local events that they run on a near daily basis.

National Research Associations & Societies

Check out the great work of the many world's finest research associations to find super localised training options. From AMSRS in Australia to MRS in the United Kingdom and everywhere in-between, you’re sure to find training that sparks your interest and enriches your research.

Individual Companies

As a final note, don’t forget to reach out to companies. Many are happy to offer free training and advice without going all used-car salesperson on you. Most of them have worked hard building services they hope people will love, so reach out and ask questions. This is particularly evident where new research technology platforms are concerned.

At Voxpopme, we’ve been doing just that. Our Video Innovation Sessions have been running for the last four months, and people have embraced them as another way to add tools to their research armoury.

“Voxpopme led a series of 'lunch and learn' sessions for our research teams, inspiring them to include video in our client proposals and online community projects. The sessions were also valuable in identifying new video-based research products and opportunities.”   |  Andy Buckley, Innovation Director, Join the Dots


So there you have it, our list of resources to help you add to your already robust research skills. If you want to know more about our Voxpopme’s Video Innovation Sessions, simply hit the button below.

Video Innovation Sessions


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