Congratulations Joseph Schooling - An Olympic Hero!

Just weeks ago, Joseph Schooling won Gold for Singapore and created a piece of history for his nation. Praise has streamed in from proud supporters sharing their thoughts, feelings and congratulations on the country’s first and only Olympic gold medal.

On 12th August, 21-year-old Joseph Schooling swam to victory, collecting the Gold medal in the 100m butterfly, pushing the ‘unbeatable’ Michael Phelps into second place. At that moment, Singapore came alive with an echo of cheering and applause across the country.

“The pride of our country Joseph Schooling! Congratulations on winning our country's 1st ever Olympic Gold medal!”

Huang Biren, Singaporean Actress

For many Singaporean’s, Schooling’s win was a moment not to be forgotten.

Voxpopme’s community took some time to share their congratulatory messages with Joseph. Check out this short showreel of emotive fans, created in minutes using Voxpopme’s video insight platform.

Joseph Schooling Olympics from Voxpopme on Vimeo.

Joseph displayed many heroic capabilities in the pool, and these were matched by his post-event modesty.

“This moment is not about me, it’s really for my country, it’s all about my coaches, my family, my friends who believed from when I was a six-year-old kid, that I could do it."

Joseph Schooling

We’re in awe of Singapore’s newest hero and, along with the Voxpopme Singaporean community, wish him all the best in what is set to be a glittering career.

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