Australian Election | Polls reveal the who, videos reveal the why

The Australian electoral vote for prime minister gets underway tomorrow, and things are heating up as we approach the all important decision time on July 2nd, 2016.

The most recent Newspoll shows it’s extremely close but suggests that the coalition has overtaken the Labour party 51% - 49% for the first time during the campaign.

Could this be a result of the recent release of Labour’s policy costing? Labour's financial credibility was under scrutiny after it was revealed that it would produce larger deficits than the coalition over the short term but return to surplus at the same time.

In light of this, Voxpopme has carried out a video survey to its panel in Australia, to better understand who the people were voting for, and why they are choosing to vote this way.

The polls have given strong indications on which party the people are most likely to vote for, but to really understand voter intentions we must go beyond the statistics and delve into the reasons why.

While figures, graphs, charts and polls offer valuable data, video has the power to discover the influential factors behind voting decisions.

Watch the showreel below to see how the Australian public truly feels about the upcoming election and find why people are voting for their chosen political party.



Hidden truths revealed by video respondents:

  • Many voters are not willing to listen to the opposition party or change their vote because they have complete faith in their party throughout their lifetime.
  • Many voters base their vote not on the promises of their preferred party, but on the downfalls of the opposition party.

Video allows us to dig deeper into why people plan to vote they way they do, one would assume that if someone is voting for a particular party, then they must agree with all or most of their policies, however, as revealed by the video above this is not the case.

Video unearths the actual reasons to why people vote the way they do; that otherwise could have been lost within status quo presumptions.

Want to find out more about the power of video? Click here to find see why emotion drives action.


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