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Content That Works, Part I - The Four Do’s of Content Writing

Voxpopme Wins Accenture Consumer Innovation Award

Voxpopme is Heading to Insight ‘16

Voxpopme continues global expansion of video research technology with the appointment of Brin Moore.

Real People, Raw Video & Inspirational Customer Experience Stories

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Your Guide to Market Research Events '16

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9 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Market Research

Star Wars returns - The Force Awakens

Voxpopme is heading to Research & Results 2015

Go out with a bang in 2015 - how video can supercharge your surveys.

Voxpopme raises $1.5 million to become standard video solution for research industry

Video Opinion: Changes to US Gun Laws

Voxpopme MRX micro moment: Kristin Luck on storytelling

Supercharge your pitch with Voxpopme

MRX micro moment: ESOMAR Congress 2015

The Volkswagen Scandal: The Voice of the Customer

Video Market Research - The 20% Sugar Tax

Voxpopme is hiring – PHP Developer needed

Voxpopme is hiring - Business Development Exec needed

What influences your choice of insurer?

Computer brands - which do you own?

Ashley Madison - Do online cheaters deserve privacy from their discretions?

Heathrow's Third Runway

The Chief Customer Officer

Apple Music

VoxPopMe Launches “Theme Explorer”; Revolutionises Video Response Technology for Market Research

Why video is about to cross the chasm for research…

Brand Review: Wiggle

Brand Review: Yelp

Google's New Photo App

Aldi vs Tesco - The Supermarket War

Brand Review: Argos

Video - the future of customer feedback?

The New Conservative Government

Putting HIV out there: NGO Life Support Group & Ogilvy Brazil

Live Stream: Who do you think will win the election?

VoxPopMe is hiring – US Business Development Exec needed

The New Zero Calorie Red Bull

Would you support a coalition government?

The Green Party take to the spotlight in political broadcast

Brand Review: Nissan

The Usurper: The NEW Cadbury's Creme Egg

The NHS experience

Video - The Future of Customer Feedback

Ad Review: Cancer Research UK "The Lump"

The Chancellor's 2015 Budget

Has the Samsung Galaxy S6 got the 'Edge' over competitors?

The debate on Electronic cigarettes

The Apple Watch

Choosing the right school

Brand Review: Peugeot

The General Election

Report: Public reception of NBC Universal's Fifty Shades of Grey

Coca-Cola Milk - Fairlife

Kia: 'You Make Us Make Better Cars'

Thoughts on the speculated Apple iCar

Holiday Showdown

Compulsory Sex Education in Schools

Amazon Echo

Brand Review: NTUC Fairprice Supermarkets

Brand Review: Hilton Hotels & Resorts

VoxPopMe to attend Market Research in the Mobile World in Singapore

Brand Review: Andrex

MPs vote yes for 3 person babies

'And the Winner is...': BAFTA 2015 Predictions

The NFL Superbowl

Brand Review: Harvester

Tech-ucation: Does technology aid education?

Brand Review: Best Western International

Brand Review: Robinson's


Brand Review: Gillette

Planet Retail: Confectionary at the Checkout

Less Effort, More Style. Lynx capture 'The Modern Man' in their Australian advert.

Community Weight Loss: Weight Watchers Vs. Slimming World

Are you lovin' it?: A new look for McDonald's adverts in 2015

Celebrity Big Brother returns...

Money Saving Tips for January

Brand Review: BP

VoxPopMe as a viable alternative to focus groups

The Interview UK release date confirmed

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Business and Social Media Marketing

Planet Retail: Does technology improve retail customers' in-store experience?

Taliban school attack - How do we respond?

Brand Review: Wagamama

Debate: Breastfeeding in public

Supermarkets and the Christmas Stock-up

VoxPopMe - Business Development Exec's needed

Nectar Card Users

Brand Review: Samsung

Are brands targeting the majority of their advertisements at the younger generation?

How would you describe your relationship with your energy provider?

Is Product Placement an effective form of advertising?

Products at the tills

Black Friday Frenzy

Is HSBC 'The World's Local Bank'?

Band Aid 30: Inspirational or Insulting?

Brand Review: KFC

Brand Review: Coca-Cola

What challenges do people face when planning for their final years? And how many people have actually made plans?

Tower of London Poppy Display

Brand Review: Walkers crisps

Children in Need: Memories, Fundraising and More

What do you think about your shopping experience at Asda?

Monty the Penguin - The John Lewis Christmas Advert

Brand Review: Heinz

UKIP - What do they really stand for?

Hollaback's look at street harassment goes viral

Brand Review: BT

Cadbury causes chaos over announcement of coin cancellation

Ad Review: Chanel No.5

Magazine Mayhem!

Keeping fit and active

Oscar Pistorius Verdict

Sainsbury's Initiatives

Children using electronic tablets. Educational or destructive?

Ad Review: Nestle Fitness - Breast Cancer awareness

Brand Review: Subway

Brand Review: BMW


Health and Fitness Apps

Brand Review: Nike

Thrift shopping

Brand Review: Virgin Media

PM reveals new GP scheme set for 2020

Smart meter question

Instore music. Does it enhance or dampen your shopping experience?

Brand Review: Burger King

Brand Review: Cadbury

Brand Review: Kellogg's

Brand Review: British Airways

Waitrose - Lidl Campaign

Waitrose - M&S Campaign

Virgin Atlantic

Brand Review: Paypal

The Royal Mail

John Lewis

The Oscar Pistorius Trial

The Apple Watch

The HS2 Debate

The Boots Brand

Right Move

British Gas Charity Tariffs

The British Gas Rewards Journey

The Ice Bucket Challenge Craze

Coca-Cola Life

Kenco: Coffee Vs Gangs

What do you understand of the Audi Quattro?

Opinions on the Cliff Richard investigation

Energy Tariffs Comparison

Sexism in Advertising

How to: handle your customers online.

Lucozade - What Is It?

Apple Continue to Please UK Consumers

Primark's profits soar, discover what they are doing right.

Awareness of mental health in the UK

Technology - Freedom or Repression?

V Power

Ad Review: KFC Great American Bites

Brand Review: Interflora

Brits Abroad

Can Video Improve Online Dating?

Hotel Showdown

Modern Day Slavery

Beauty Babies

The Jaffa Cake debate

Insurance Issues

Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

Vue Cinema Score Averagely With Consumers

Crocs; Fashion Fave or Faux Pas?

eHarmony Promises to Give You Butterflies... Not The Hump.

Have your grocery shopping habits changed in the past year?

Dating Disasters

Was the MH17 crash media coverage appropriate?

Go Fun Yourself With Toyota Aygo

Should Scotland remain part of the UK?

Consumer Confidence Grows In The Aldi Brand

Airbrushing Attitudes

Ryvita - The People's Choice

What makes a great TV ad for Alcohol brands?

The banking sector through the eyes of the UK public

Weird and Wonderful Marmite Experiments From Marmite Lovers

Cameron's Reshuffle; The Public Opinion

Keyboard Warriors; Behind the Screen Bullies

Center Parcs Perceived As Too Expensive By UK Consumers

UK Net Promoter Score Brand Tracker

Bin Collection Every Three Weeks Labelled A Rubbish Idea

Grab and Go - Fast food

What makes a great supermarket?

Mascara Mayhem

Domino's Pizza Vs Pizza Hut

Adidas vs Nike

Facebook's Social Experiment Stirs Emotions Amongst UK Consumers

Diets - Fad or Fantastic?

What does #LikeAGirl mean to you?

What lipstick should you purchase next?

Gillette - 100 Years of Hair

Go Ahead! The Most Important Snack of the Day.

How UK Consumers Perceive The Citizens Advice Bureau

Can Murray go all the way at Wimbledon?

The New Face Of Cravendale: Barry the Biscuit Boy

Find Out What UK Consumers Think Of Costa Coffee

Amazon Fire Phone Sparks Interest

The UK Consumer Opinion Of Amazon.com

Luis Suarez 'Biting' Incident: The Public Opinion

Customer Service - The inside track

The UK Consumer Opinion of Virgin Trains

Why Should You Choose Mobile Over Online Surveys?

How could Formula One be improved next season?

Face Washing Routines Unmasked

How important are hotel reviews?

How UK Consumers Perceive Boohoo.com

Anti-Homeless Metal Studs Spike Controversy

Why Haul Videos Are So Popular

What's Inside Your Fridge?

Who are the most influential people alive today?

7 Reasons You Should Be Investing In Video

Ryanair Need to Improve Their Customer Satisfaction

Are Driverless Cars the Future?

Say Yes to Yes with Coors Light

Market Research in the Mobile World Interview

Video Insight Has Never Been Easier

The Power of Recommendation in Employee Engagement & Recruitment

Weird Flavours You Love!

How UK Consumers Perceive the Chrysler Brand

No More Double Standards: #ViolenceisViolence

European Election Results: The Public Opinion

VoxPopMe to Attend Market Research in the Mobile World

The Most Popular Deodorant Brands in the UK

Wall's Ice Cream Say Goodbye to Serious

EU Elections 2014: The Public Consensus

The banking sector through the eyes of the UK public

Samsung home appliances perceived well by consumers

A typical meal in the average British household

Citroën a big hit with the award-winning DS3

The UK opinion of 'the right to be forgotten'

We'll get by with a little help from our friends

Save The Children "The Most Important 'Sexy' Model Video" Ever

There's a lot of love for Nando's

The UK opinion of the 2014 World Cup England squad

What UK consumers think of the Innocent brand

Have we ruined cult cars?

Morrisons use the Angel of the North as a billboard

The current UK opinion of The Co-operative

When your tech knowledge runs dry - #MaplinMoment

VoxPopMe delivers next generation market research

High-Speed Rail 2 - The Public Opinion

John Lewis hit the big 150 in style.

What should Microsoft's acquisition mean for Nokia?

Monkeying around with Weetabix

UK consumers perceive Next Clothing positively

Baby Oleg a big hit with UK consumers

Has Goldie struck gold with our panel?

The UK mixed on whether to remain a 'Christian country'.

Lynx Promote World Peace

Be loud with L'Oreal, because you're worth it

Wagamama score well with UK consumers

Facebook App To Show Exactly Where Your Friends Are.

Unleash The B&Q In You!

The Top 5 Most Creative Brands

Did Manchester United make the right decision to sack Moyes?

Turn Cooking into an Adventure with Lurpak.

Give an example of when you have seen goodness in someone?

Know Your Audience.

It's Good To Be Bad With Jaguar

Marks & Spencer Clothing - The UK Consumers Opinion

The MP Expenses Scandal: Your Opinion

The Ultimate Guide to UK Airline Passengers

Brand Review: Audi

EE Advert

Sky TV - The Net Promoter Score

Waitrose: The Boy and The Carrot

Who is your preferred bookmaker and why?

TNW Europe selects VoxPopMe for its Boost program

Premier Inn - The Budget Hotel Leader.

Do we really care about the poor?

E-cigarettes: Should they be included in the smoking ban?

The Initial Perspective of Premium Car Brands.

Live Young with Evian, and Spiderman!

O2 score averagely in their most recent Net Promoter Score

Enjoy the Sunrise with Heineken

Tesco - Net Promoter Score

Is the new England match shirt worth £90?

Vodafone - The Call

How video can improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.

Nigel Farrage vs Nick Clegg LBC Debate

What's your best money saving tip?

The Unbelieveable Bus Stop By Pepsi Max

Bingo! The Conservative PR campaign that stirred emotions.

The Budget 2014: Your Reaction

The New One-Pound Coin

UK Hotel Chains: The Consumer Opinion

If London were Syria: Save the Children's Hard-Hitting Advert


Should the UK remain part of the European Union?

Holiday Inn

The different ways your life has been impacted by the internet.

Santander - Simple, Personal, Fair.

What Really Grinds Your Gears? This Week's Top 10.

McCafe - Putting On The Ritz

BBC 'proposes scrapping licence fee'

Could your gym membership offer more value?


eBay - The One Stop Shop

Birds Eye Brand Relaunch

Could VoxPopMe help you recruit?

#BeMoreTea with Lipton and The Muppets!

What's your opinion on the escalating situation in Ukraine?

Paddy Power: Pistorius Ad

Could your gym membership offer more value?

Just-Eat - the number one in the online takeaway market?

Has Three's #SingItKitty topped #DancePonyDance?

Kids and Grown-ups love it so... The latest advert from Haribo.

LoveFilm Vs Amazon Prime Instant Video

Yes Sir, our panel will boogie.

Product Review of the Playstation 3.

Will Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp change anything?

Benefits Street: Last Word - what did the episode really achieve?

The 6 videopinions you need to see on the #CatandBudgie advert.

The New Advert from Guinness - Sapeurs

What is your approach to facial moisturisers?

Should Scotland remain part of the UK?

Valentine's Day - Romantic or Commercial?


Budweiser Super Bowl Advert - "Puppy Love"

6 reasons to see The LEGO Movie this week.


Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery?

Will you be watching the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics?

4 reasons the latest VW advert really works

Old Spice: Mom Song


Benefits Street - accurate of life on benefits or just good TV?

Lurpak - Good Proper Food

The Doritos finger-cleaner advert

Are electric bikes the future of cycling?

Interview your favourite Celebrity Big Brother Finalist!

Has David Cameron done a good job as Prime Minister?

The 5 reasons our panel won’t be watching the ‘Anything4u’ advert again.

Samsung Vs Dyson: which advert is more effective?

Has Tinder changed online dating?

Smirnoff - The Nocturnal Awakening

Furniture Village

NatWest Cashback Plus TV ad 2013

Even more #ReasonsToBelieve from Coca-Cola

Clash of the giants: Virgin Vs BT


Marks & Spencer

What are your views on UKIP?

What is your opinion of fracking?


What is your opinion on euthanasia?

Do you really know where your donations go?

How should cyber-bullying be tackled?

What annoys you most about modern-day Britain?

Which charity is the best cause?

What do you fear most for the future?

What makes you proud to be British?

What dress size should models be online?



Coca-Cola Vs Pepsi


Brand Review: Asda

Should drink driving be zero tolerance?

Ryanair vs Easy Jet

More EU Migrants Set For UK



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