6 Market Research Technologies To Watch In 2016…

The market research and technology industries are colliding, and they are doing so at a rate of knots. So the question is, which products, services and platforms are the market research technologies that will be making waves in 2016?

To help answer this question we’ve pulled together a handy list of the companies you should be keeping an eye out for in the coming year...


Automation is all set to be one of the growing trends for Market Research in 2016 and beyond. Zappistore is charting the course for this trend by automating the entire research process from sample to survey, to analysis and reporting. Their online DIY research store lets you simply pick and choose the quick turnaround research technology that’s perfect for your latest project. What’s more, you can pay by credit card which may help you take the ring-road around those ever-so-painful procurement processes.

Voxpopme video research will be available on Zappistore by the end of Q1 2016, so keep an eye out for our easy-access video research listing in due course.


Feedback Ferret

More than just a great name, Feedback Ferret is on a mission - a mission to put the 40-minute survey in the past. Their focus on short surveys, perfect for smartphone users, is attempting to trailblaze a new path for Market Research - one that accurately reflects the browsing habits of the modern consumer in a time-pressured world.


Millward Brown

A subsidiary of WPP, Millward Brown is certainly no newcomer within UK Market Research practice. However, their strong market position hasn’t stopped the internal innovation, particularly where ad testing is concerned.

MB’s Link suite of products provides fast turnaround research solutions that should be in every researcher’s toolkit. Their two key services in this suite are;

  • LinkNow for TV - which helps you test your ad and checks if it’s strong enough to run by evaluating and predicting how well it will perform in-market.
  • LinkNow for Digital is a copy-testing solution offering a diligent approach to help marketers determine the strength of digital creative. 
Guess what - they’re on board with the automation theme too, as they can already be found on Zappistore.


Google Consumer Surveys

The tech powerhouse plans to continue its foray into the Market Research World. Awareness of the DIY survey platform has grown year on year since their launch in 2012, in part, thanks to their research support and collaborations with the likes of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes and more. As you would expect, their website is very easy to navigate and we would imagine that their surveys are too.


InMoment & Voxpopme

This groundbreaking partnership brings Voxpopme’s innovative video research technology and merges it with InMoment’s industry-leading text analytics. The partnership is likely to gain quick momentum following its debut at InMoment’s annual best practices conference in February 2016. The two companies are all set to provide the world’s leading brands with a complete range of video capture and analytics capabilities fully integrated across InMoment’s Voice of Customer (VoC) platform. The combination is not strictly a market research technology, given the VoC focus of InMoment, but the brands onboard will be equipped with a powerful tool to better understand customer emotions, impact employees and drive change. Therefore, the merger of a best-in-class video research technology with an established VoC platform certainly makes both companies ones to watch out for in 2016.


We See Through

And last but not least are We See Through. It could be a big year for the winners of the MRS Award for Innovation in Research Methodology 2015. The company leverages wearable tech to gain insights into human behaviour, in a natural environment. Now you can literally see everything through the consumer’s eyes.


Sadly we couldn’t cover all the innovative companies that will shape our industry in 2016 but it’s worth keeping an eye on industry reports (see GRIT & Casro), award winners and key conferences to see which companies and trends are making an impact in research.

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