5 Upcoming Market Research Webinars You Can’t Miss

Here at Voxpopme, we love webinars, whether we’re taking part in them, or conducting our own. The fact that we can directly engage with other like-minded people without the hassle of travelling makes it so much more enjoyable to learn new things. They help us come up with new ideas and engage with individuals who have shown an interest in the overall objective of the webinar... not to mention the fact it saves a lot of time and money.

So, in true Voxpopme style, we thought it would be super helpful if we provided you with a list of 5 upcoming market research webinars that you really can’t miss. Hopefully, this saves you from spending time searching for webinars, creating more time for watching and engaging with them.


Webinar: Mobile Survey Best Practices

When: 12 pm - 1 pm (MST) 22/09/16


Join GreenBook to explore mobile survey best practices and;

  • See the impact the mobile revolution is having on research
  • Learn the benefits of and best practices for mobile surveying
  • See when and how to use video in mobile surveys

Flex MR

Webinar: How to create agile insight teams

When: 3 - 4 pm (BST) 28/09/16 


Discover Flex MR's framework for applying agile development techniques to market research, including:

  • Why Scrum, XP and Crystal are the best methodologies for research development
  • How to embed research into internal processes for activation at crucial moments
  • The skills and roles required within a successful agile insight team

Vision Critical

Webinar: How to use customer intelligence to identify the right audience for your B2B content.

When: Available upon registration. 

Duration: 45 minutes


Join Vision Critical to learn;

  • How to use customer intelligence to identify ideal targets.
  • What the growing popularity of account-based marketing means for you.
  • How customer intelligence can help create content marketing strategies that better support sales.


Webinar: Future of Market Research: It’s Research But Not As We Know It...

When: 2 - 3 pm (GMT +2) 04/10/16 


Through a series of interviews and discussions with high-level stakeholders from within our industry and beyond, ESOMAR hope to provide a lens to the future that will allow a global audience to directly engage with, and participate in, the (re-)defining of our industry.


Webinar: Research on Research: “What’s Really Important?”

When: 1 - 2 pm (EST) 07/11/16


Direct measures of importance — e.g. rating attributes on a 1 to 7-point importance scale — generate ambiguous data, which often leads to making bad decisions. Yet these scales proliferate in many Internet-based surveys today. MRA explain problems with these scales, and how to correct them, by relating (A) Why the concept of “importance” is ambiguous; (B) Why many direct measures of importance are not valid; and, (C) How alternative methods produce more valid and useful insights


So there you have it, 5 of the best upcoming webinars this Autumn, delivered by market research experts that will no doubt further your knowledge and make you an ever better researcher.

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