4 Ways You Can Use Video In Your Next Project

What’s all the buzz about video technology in mrx?

Video use within the market research industry is gathering pace and popularity year on year as enabling technologies allow us to get more out of this powerful medium.

If you were not one of the early adopters of this revolutionary technique, then there's still time for you to get familiar with some of the benefits and uses of new video technology so you can supercharge your next project.

First, let's quickly review a handful of benefits technology has afforded us. Adding video to your surveys will deliver;

  • More authentic responses - seeing is believing. It's time to hear and see your customer's experiences first-hand.
  • The all-important “Why” behind the numbers.
  • 6x times more content than text open-ends.
  • Richer feedback - highlighting otherwise hidden truths.
  • Commercial action - putting your customers in front of your stakeholders is proven to be more effective than presenting charts, graphs and other non-emotional data.
  • Visual customer stories - Customer videos > assumptions from data collected.

There's still time to be an early adopter
Many of the world’s biggest brands are already using video in their market research, or as a Voice of the Customer tool to understand and communicate their customer's stories. But the versatility of video feedback platforms is enabling even the largest of companies to come up with novel uses, capturing video insight from the communities that matter most to them.

To get you started, here are 4 (of the many) studies you can use new video research for:


Use video to deliver your digital ethnography study; intelligent software now makes it possible to capture hundreds of videos straight from consumer's mobile devices as they go about their daily lives. Explore their behaviour in natural settings, on their terms. Next, analyse all of your rich video content in minutes and share your window into their lives in just a couple of clicks.

Open-ended video surveys

Your options here are boundless. The video open-end question is a versatile capture solution that you can use on a standalone web page or drop into any existing quant study. This can be done with ease and will supercharge your next CSAT survey or brand tracker with the many benefits of video! The outputs are visually powerful, but accurate transcripts mean you get your text verbatim too - just in far greater detail.

Traditional focus group alternative

With the help of video technology, online focus groups have now become a reality, opening possibilities for researchers to gather respondents on an online platform, thus, reducing geographic limitations and eliminating drawbacks of on-premise focus groups. Plus, you can reap the benefits of consumer commentary that is not swayed by moderators or more influential group members.

Event feedback

Video provides a tremendous opportunity for gathering feedback on your events. You could capture live video feedback that will serve for variety of purposes, including:

  1. Content for your web page, blog posts and sharing on social media.
  2. In-the-moment insight through live responses from the show floor - this helps reduce flawed recall and memory bias. What your attendees feel during the event is different to what they may remember when receiving you feedback request via email or otherwise.
  3. Event promotion and social proofing - simply by creating custom showreels from the positive video feedback you received.

With all the clear benefits and ways in which you could use video, and knowing many big name brands across the world are already using it, what could you possibly be waiting for?


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