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13 simple ways you could be using video research technology today

Since starting Voxpopme, one of the things that has continually excited us is the diverse ways in which our clients have innovated their research projects with our video research technology.

They’ve used the power of video to bring to their customers to life and drive action amongst key stakeholders in an array of original and compelling studies - some of which we wouldn't have thought of ourselves.

We want to share some of these ideas with you below and hopefully provide some inspiration for your next tech-based video research campaign.  And hey, maybe you've thought of another use that didn't make our list - feel free to make suggestions in the comments section below if that's the case.

Without further ado, here are 13 simple, effective ways you can use more video in your research;

#1 Video open-ends

Where better to start than with the versatile video open-end.  Drop the hottest new question type into any online survey and sit back while this technology captures video feedback, straight from respondents' digital devices.

Video open ends can be quickly added to any survey, on any platform, at any time. Use them as a simple but effective upgrade from those open-ended text questions to provide a source of better, more powerful insight.

Now you can use video to ask your most significant questions and watch as it provides unparalleled depth and customer emotion.

#2 Video in your community

Many companies are now running communities through one of the many fantastic platforms like Verve, Krealinks, Vision Critical and more.

We have seen great success introducing video questions to existing communities either as part of a survey or as a standalone question/task.

One of the most successful executions has been the video follow up question - digging into a particular topic with community members that fall into a given segment to get more detailed feedback on the given topic.

#3 Directed VoC

Adding video into any Voice of the Customer program can be extremely effective for bringing customers' individual stories to life.

By being more strategic with the placing of video in the survey, we have seen a much quicker diagnosis of key challenges and the ability to deliver a solution that delights customers.  This is where video really outshines text-based open-ends.

Customers feel like they have a voice and researchers have the opportunity to get this voice in front of key stakeholders in a manner that grabs attention.

#4 Mini interviews

Mini interviews give the consumer the chance to share their opinion on five to ten questions, all via self-recorded video, without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Think about it as a structured video interview without the need for a moderator to ask all the questions.

Simply script your questions and watch the videos begin rolling in at your chosen time and date. Of course, it is possible to follow up the interview with additional questions if required.

#5 Mystery Shop

The ability to send consumers into a store and evaluate service, performance and products is no new idea.  Sadly, the closest this gets us to valuable in-store insight is the ticks and crosses on a clipboard. We’ve long accepted this as ‘the best approach’, but new video research is here to change that.

We’ve seen the rise of video in this space, but it need no longer be confined to a hidden camera.  All consumers have mobiles in their hands, taking their photos and videos all of the time.  This creates an opportunity for mystery shoppers to record straight from their mobile device and instantly upload footage to the Voxpopme platform.

#6 Geo-triggered - non-purchasers

Wait. Don’t go… We’ve all been there, witnessing that customer walk out the door empty-handed when they arrived full to the brim with purchase intent.  

Ever wondered what changed their mind?

Us too! That’s why we built geo-triggered video questions.  Next time that would-be customer heads for the door, you can reach out to them at the crucial moment.  

Get to the real reasons behind their change of heart with candid video feedback.  Was it the product display, the stock availability or the customer service that doused their purchase plans?

Video insights don’t pull any punches here but will help you build the perfect customer journey next time - turning window shoppers into brand advocates.

#7 Focus group footage

Do you have bigger video archives than the BBC? Video has traditionally been a cumbersome media with large files that take too long to digest. That’s why the findings are all too often dropped that into an archive folder to gather digital dust.   

But what if there’s more? A critical insight we missed when watching hours worth of footage. Fear no longer. Some of our smart clients saw the potential use the analysis features of the Voxpopme platform with long form video.  

The people demanded it, so we built it.  Now you can upload an entire focus group, and it will be quickly transcribed and analysed.  Use the tools as you would with any Voxpopme project to search for the most insightful feedback and build showreels of the most pertinent comments.

#8 IDI footage

Have you recently hosted in-depth interviews with your consumers? If you’re not sure what to do next with the footage from this interview, look no further. Your video footage can be imported straight into the Voxpopme portal. Don’t worry about the length of the video; the platform can manage hours of footage in a matter of minutes.

Explore the emerging themes and trends from the in-depth interviews through advanced thematic analysis. Then, easily create engaging showreels that you can share straight from the Voxpopme portal.

#9 Diary studies

Diary studies are an exciting medium for unlocking your respondents’ compelling stories. Daily habits, routines or rituals of your consumers can be easily accessed. These studies have become increasingly easier to conduct with the uptake of smartphones. No longer are you required to send an expensive camera crew out into the homes of your consumers, or provide appropriate camera equipment.

All you need to do is send your customers a link; they can easily follow this from their smartphone, tablet or personal computer. From here, they can record their video diary entry. Once they’ve finished recording, the video is uploaded straight to the secure Voxpopme portal ready for you to instantly access.

It is easier than ever before to gain habitual, unobtrusive video diary content without leaving the desk.

#10 Ad testing

Advertising research is a surefire way to make sure that your next ad is going to have the desired effect.  After all, there can be millions of dollars riding on the performance of your latest commercial - whether it's destined for the SuperBowl or not.

Tech-based video research is a great way to improve advertising effectiveness. Let your chosen target market watch your ad on any device, then instantaneously record their reaction on that very same device.

Next, you can use Voxpopme's analysis engine to explore key themes in the video feedback to help optimise your message before you spend big on rolling it out to the masses.  

When you share your feedback, you can highlight how memorable, persuasive and actionable your ad is to make informed decisions on its dissemination, targeting and creative direction - before it's too late.

#11 Video NPS

We all live and die by NPS scores. But what are the why’s behind the numbers? How did consumer x rate your brand a 3 out of 10 when they were a steady seven last quarter?

Well, now’s the time to find out with Video NPS - the perfect evolution for a tried and tested method.  By adding video questions to your NPS, you can elicit a fuller response from people and encourage consumers to share more of their thoughts and feelings.  

In turn, this delivers more valuable insight. The format strives to provide customers with the freedom to express feelings outside the constraints of a traditional NPS Score.

Voxpopme for corporate research...

# 12 Sales Team Feedback

Whether out selling, or coming up with new ideas, those sales guys and girls always have plenty to say. They’re also the reps at the coalface of customer interaction. So, why not take the time to listen to them?

All too often, we miss this opportunity.  Or, when we do navigate it, we take an ad-hoc approach and listen to the most dominant sales rep in the room.

Why not, ask the whole team, and let them leave candid feedback from any device. Use video to explore their biggest obstacles, discover what is and isn’t working, what the significant opportunities are and who is the toughest competitor.

By doing this through remote video feedback, you can give a voice to a much wider pool of sales reps and look to build a stronger sales programme.

# 13 Conference capture

Running a conference or awards do? What better way to find out what delegates think of your show than to capture their opinions on-site.

See and hear what people think of your show with the buzz of the show floor in the background.  All you need is the Voxpopme Offline App on a tablet to start collecting rich feedback and uncover the highlights and lowlights of your event.

Don’t stop there, though.  You can leverage video in your post-show feedback too. Add video open ends to your follow-up survey, and you’re all set to get the full low-down once the dust has settled.


We've been lucky to work on some awesome projects this year thanks to the many supporters of Voxpopme. So, we just want to say a huge thank you for the part you’ve played in our journey so far.

We plan to push the boundaries of video even further in 2017 and would be delighted to connect with people looking to advance the possibilities of such a powerful method.

Hit the button below if you'd like to book a Video Innovation Session for early next year to explore the potential of new video research.

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